Fittings suitable for a wide range of commercial applications

Needing to complete your next commercial project but unsure of what kind of pressure system to use? At Anchor Plastics, we strive to deliver on quality components and knowledgeable support. We believe in supplying our customers with the best pipes, fittings and components, therefore we stock leading UK manufacturers.

We have a variety of pressure systems in different materials, by knowing what application you're going to use the fittings and components for, we can appropriately advise you on which equipment would work best for your specific requirements and needs.

Sector Application ABS PVCu
Shopping Centres Boosted Cold Water
Supermarkets Chilled Water
-> Boosted Cold Water
-> Vaccum
Apartments, Hotels, Care Homes Boosted Cold Water
Hospitals Boosted Cold Water
-> Chilled Water
-> Deionised Water
-> Vaccum